Amelia Earhart represents one of the last remaining mysteries of our modern world.  As she attempted to fly around the world her plane was lost at sea and speculation has persisted for over 75 years as to what exactly happened.   The question now stands: how have we still not found one of our worlds most charismatic and inspirational women?


Dana TimmerMy name is Dana Timmer, I led the first ever deep water sonar search for Amelia’s Lockheed Electra, and I now find myself on the cusp of finding the truth of what happened to her all those years ago.  Over the last 15 years I’ve been double checking the data, working with experts and piecing together the story that makes up those last moments she had in the air.  I’m here with you now, confident that we know where the airplane is at the bottom of the Pacific, and with a plan to go and document it.


As our confidence for this built, we’ve gained a large network of support, including Nicole Vandelaar, pilot and a member of the 99’s (which is a women’s organization Amelia helped found) and Mike Williamson from Williamson and Associates, who are experts and the leaders in their field for deep water scanning.


Amelia and the 99's
Amelia and the 99′s, MSF 450, Amelia Earhart at Purdue Collection, Courtesy of Purdue University Libraries, Karnes Archives & Special Collections

Which leads us to why we need you.  We need the funding to charter the ship and hire the crew needed to verify our targets.  This is far from cheap as it’s in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with some of the best equipment in the world.   


The WA30 and AMS60, two of the best sonar tools in the world.

But, for helping us fund the project we want to find a way to bring all of you on the expedition with us.  Though the ship can only hold a limited number of crew, we’re going to document this project so thoroughly that you will get to feel the thrill of discovery as updates, photos and videos are made available daily to our backers.  Furthermore as the ship produces scans you’ll join us as we review and interpret what we hope is Amelia’s Electra. 


It’s an exciting project that is just right for Kickstarter.  So join, share and lets make history together by finally solving the mystery of what happened to Amelia Earhart all those years ago.